Travel tips: Airplane edition

Travelling can be both pleasure and torture. In order to not experience the latter one it is the best be prepared prior the journey.



Traveling on a plane, especially on the long-distance flights, one needs to feel comfortable. Fluffy home slippers and a real pillow (in a miniature size) are a must for me. Does one need to say more? Slippers can be a real help especially when your feet (like mine) double the size during flight or when even if you just want to sit and make your feet comfortable and not squeezed in sweaty shoes. Even though during summer months you won’t experience this, slippers are still the real help since air on the plane can get quite (and you don’t want to get your toes frozen in those flip-flops). Travel pillows – as nice as it may sound – are real uncomfortable since you lay your head on air, which is either too hard or too soft. All kinds of pillows come in small sizes and they don’t take a lot of space either! Even on low-cost flights where you can have only one carry-on baggage no one will stop you from carrying the pillow in your hands if your bag happens to be full.

On long distance flights, you will most likely to fly on a larger airplane. These usually don’t happen to be fully booked. As passengers get the option to board themselves online, they most usually try to grab the first rows of the airplane. No one wants to sit in the back. Why? Most people heard untrue stories about how it is the most dangerous at the back, how there won’t be enough food for passengers at the back or that everyone is scared to be disturbed by the presence of the nearby toilet. Let me tell you this – it’s good that many people think that. Actually, it’s the best! Boarding yourself to the back, in fact, gives you a great chance of having the WHOLE ROW to yourself. All three/four seats. You will always have toilet nearby, and you can always go for a chat with the crew who leave non-alcoholic drinks at the back for anyone. Even if you don’t manage to book the seats at the back, as sometimes the airlines block them, you can go straight there after boarding. If anyone tells you that you are sitting on their seat you won’t loose anything by simply moving to yours originally assigned one. Simple as that.

Talking about food and drinks – not many people know that actually during the long-distance flights you don’t have to wait till the crew is serving the food. Anytime during the flight there are snack options available at the end of the aircraft. It usually are crackers or biscuits (once I was even blessed with Mars ice-cream, no kidding) or on flights to/from Asia you can even make a ramen for yourself.

Last, but very important point. During the flights, long and short, the temperature in the airplane can change quite a lot. It is advisable to carry a light jacket with you, even if it is summer and 35C outside. There is nothing worse than shivering with the crew telling you that they can’t put the temperature up (regulations, energy).

Now, who is exited for their next trip?


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